5 Workplace Trends to Lookout for in 2016

The world around us is changing with a gripping pace and that too in technology not just today but since a week. Over the years, you can start gradually bridging up a smart and better place by simply merging both the real and virtual world. The way the change is visible has been jotted down for the progress we make, so, here we would look at certain impending trends found over the workplace, which are going to hit us by 2016. Let’s check the 5 Workplace Trends to Lookout for in 2016 as under:

1). Social Media to Become a forum for employment related decisions

The leverage for social media is increasing every passing day at a steady pace. From the sites like Facebook to LinkedIn, the potential employees along with a number of other employment relevant decisions, however, with edicts are seen deliberated with the I-O psychologists and legal professionals.

2). Diversified Workforces

The more diversified the business that tends to become the better are the opportunities of success. A much diverse kind of workforce simply provides diverse kind of talent, knowledge and exposure, which leads to innovation and change that enhances business and society. Any business organization should be able to give both men and women workers equal amount of chance and opportunity. A majority of business of today are facing the same amount of problems – conflict in generations. The modern business are having today are having a bad time in managing a different generation of individuals that make up their workforces. The indifference found here in employees found in diverse generations would simply make any company less effective.

3). Business Agility & Flexibility in Work

A hybrid environment is seen delivering business agility and flexibility, however, these would require to cater shared array of resources onsite apart from getting the same from the public cloud to remain efficient.

4). A Focus Over Health & Wellness

The wellness of any employee in our health and mind is vital for productive work. The more the healthy employs, the lesser would be the sick leaves. Hence with the help of having conscious behaviour to employees would simply boost up the effectiveness of any organization.

5). Managing Virtual Teams

The standard idea of working in any office is gradually starting to lose its gleam and appeal. As far as the work is seen getting complete on time, it simply do not matter where are the people are. People these are seen using their homes, cafes and similar other places in order keep adding up their interest along with their work.The standard notion of working in office is slowly starting to lose its appeal. As long as the work is getting done on time it doesn’t matter where you are. People these days use their homes, cafes and other places to keep their interest going as well as their work.

Maximizing Big Data and Applying the Correct Analytics

The world is going gaga over big data revolution, and businesses have shifted their way of decision making. Today, most of them use various cutting-edge tools to extract decisive information from big data. On the other hand, there is also a paucity of such training institutes who provide hands-on analytics training and produce industry’s best analytics experts.